Amazon Business Account : How to create Amazon Business Account? 

Amazon Business Account are the services only for Business and business-related organizations. Amazon considers all the small businesses as well as the big firms. Anyone who cellars all the criteria of the Amazon Business Account can apply for the services. Amazon provides a lot of benefits to business owners. Small businesses can take advantage of the services; for example, they can minimize the shipping charges. There are multiple benefits of Amazon Business Account. 

Most people know about Prime membership but rarely know about the Business Account. Both the  Prime membership and the Business Account work in the same way. Business Account provides advantages only to the  Verified Business owners. Yes, you must verify to be part of the business account. We will discuss it all in this blog. 

The article talks about. What a business account is, who can Sign Up for the Amazon Business Account and How to Sign Up? You will know all the details related to Business Account. We will start with the benefits of a Business Account. Let’s dive right in! 

What are the benefits of using a Business Account? 

Amazon Business Account provides a lot of additional option that helps business owners to shortlist the products as per requirement. Owners will get suggestions from amazon and the opportunity to get the product at business prices only. You will get the various benefits of the Business Account; below is the list of some benefits of the Business Account : 

  • You explore and search all the business-related products. 
  • With prime membership, amazon also provides the free shipping option 
  • You can buy products in business only price 
  • Amazon allows you to access the analytics dashboard 
  • You ask for the free shipping option for orders above $25 
  • Small businesses can apply for the  Amazon Tax Exemption Program 
  • You can save the cost through various offers and deals 

Business Account is to support the business owners through its scheme. Amazon launches multiple deals and offers to make lives easier. Keep an eye on all the recent updates and notifications; if there is any addition, you will know through the amazon notification itself. 

Sign Up for the Business Account and find the other benefits apart from these. Check Out the following section to learn how to Sign Up. 

What are the requirement to open an Amazon Business Account ? 

Who can Sign Up for amazon Business Account ? As per Amazon’s terms and condition , anyone can apply for for the Amazon Seller Account with valid proof of the Business . requirements includes all the small business owners to the large firms. The process to have Amazon Business Account is Registration and Verification . Registration requires some documents , below is the list of required document : 

  • Internationally Chargeable Credit Card 
  • Tax information 
  • Business Email address 
  • Government ID Phone Number 

Overall , Amazon needs all the details to verify if you have legit business or not . Before applying make sure all the required documents are collected . In case of any fraud or mismatch , amazon can decline your request . Therefore , make sure all the details you provided are 100% genuine. Also , don’t forget to mention the  business email to receive update regarding Amazon business Account . 

In case you need more information what are the requirement , then Tap here . You will know all the required details . 

Now you know all the details related to requirements. Proceed to the next section to know how ow to Sign Up for business Account . 

How to create Amazon Business Account? 

We discussed all the benefits of using an Amazon Business Account; now the real question is, “How you can Create Amazon Business Account ?” for yourself. 

The process of creating the Business Account is simple. You need to know the correct method. Don’t worry; we have a solution for you. We will guide you through creating the account. Below is a detailed Step-by-Step guide to creating a business account : 

Step 1: Registration : 

The first step is to register for the Business Account. Tap here to register. The link will take you to the official account for the Amazon Business Account. There you will find the option to Register. 

The next step is verification. 

Step 2: Verification : 

Once you register, the next step is to verify. According to Amazon Services, it takes around three days for the verification. Once Amazon confirms your details, you will be able to Sign in. 

Step 3: After Verification, select your Business Account Email Address. 

Step 4: Now, step up your account, add the necessary people and enjoy the benefits of the Amazon Business Account. 

Most of the time, people face problems during verification. If Amazon cannot verify your details, you will receive an email to confirm the details. Keep an eye on mail if verification is taking longer than three months. 

If your email is being used, you will find the mail stating to join a business account. In both scenarios, you have to respond to correspondence. Amazon takes action according to circumstances. 

Final Verdict 

As you can see, creating Business Account is a simple process. All you need is to follow a few steps, and your account will be verified within three days. It’s easy and reliable for any legit Business owner. So, don’t waste the excellent chance you take to minimize your business expenses. Sign Up Now! 

We hope by now you can Sign Up for the Amazon Business Account quickly. And if you found the article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. 


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