Amazon Senior Discount 2022 :How to Sign Up for an Amazon Senior Discount? 

Amazon Senior Discount is the scheme launched by Amazon to support senior citizens. According to Amazon, anyone who clears the eligibility criteria can Sign Up for the Amazon Senior Discount 2022. Through discounts, seniors can buy a membership for half the price of primary membership. It’s a fabulous opportunity to save some bucks. 

Wondering what the requirements are and who can apply for the  Amazon Senior Discount. We will discuss all the required details, who can Sign up, who are eligible and how to Sign Up. You will know all the details. Stay tuned with us! 

Before we jump to other details, let’s check the benefits of Amazon Senior Discount. 

What are the benefits of Amazon Senior Discount? 

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Amazon Senior Discount does the same thing as suggested in its name; that is, it provides access to Amazon Membership at lower rates than the usual ones. The prime benefit of the Amazon Senior is you have to pay only $5.99 for the monthly subscription. Just half of the actual amount. 

Besides the discount, Amazon also features a few specific products for seniors at lower prices. Below is the list of the products : 

  • Apple Watch Series 7: Apple Watch is listed because of the oxygen level calculating feature. This feature will keep you healthy and fit. 
  • Amplified Cordless Phones with Answering Machine – Amplify Cordless Phones amplify the voice so that seniors don’t face any issues while using the phone 
  • Toilet Rail Bathroom Safety Assist: The product is for safety and security purposes. 

You will find many more featured products mainly designed to make seniors’ lives easier. Browse the list, and you will be amazed. 

What is the cost of Amazon Senior Discount? 

Amazon Senior Discount lowers the fees of member fees, but it’s not entirely zero. Below we compared the regular vs. Senior discount fees. Check out now! 

Normal Membership Fees – 

$14.99 per month 

$139 per year 

Membership fees – Amazon Senior Discount

$6.99 per month 

As you see, there is a vast difference between the normal and the senior discount. The amount is directly reduced to half; you can use the offer. Check the eligibility criteria below, and if you qualify for any of these, apply for the Senior Discount immediately.

Who can apply for Amazon Senior Discount? 

Amazon Senior Discount isn’t for everyone. There are particular criteria for seniors who can Sign Up for the Amazon Senior Discount 2022. 

Only people who fall under two criteria are eligible for the discount : 

  • Seniors who have EBT Card 
  • And the other ones with Medicaid. 

If you are one of these, you can’t apply for the Amazon Senior Discount. Make sure that you have any of these two documents. All seniors should have access to the Amazon Senior Discount, but as per the laws and policy, only people with proper records can take advantage of the scheme. 

Once you collect the document, move to the next step: Sign Up for the Amazon Senior Discount. 

How to Sign Up for an Amazon Senior Discount? 

Once you confirm that you have an EBT card or are not on Medicaid, you can apply for the Senior Discount. Sign-up is easy, but this might be the biggest hurdle for seniors. If you are having trouble, then you can follow the below steps to Sign up : 

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  • Step 1: First, tap here. The link will take you to the Senior Discount Sign Up page. For now, just visit the website. 
  • Step 2: Next step is verification. In this step, you must enter your EBT number or Medicaid data to qualify for the further process. You have to enter the number or attach the image if asked. Complete the verification process. Here, only two verification processes are possible: 
  1. Medicaid: In Medicaid, you must verify through the OTP and then fill in all the required information. 
  2. EBT – Firstly, enter the EBT number and then upload the image of your card. 
  • Step 3: Complete the process successfully without making any mistakes. Tap on Sign Up Option. 

Your account has been verified and created. Now take advantage of the senior discount. In addition, you can also enjoy the free trial of amazon prime. 

We hope all your doubts related to Amazon Senior Discount are cleared. The article’s primary purpose was to educate you on who can Sign up for the Discounts. If You fall under the same category, don’t Sign Up now. 

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Does Amazon offer a senior discount?

Yes, Amazon Offers Senior Discount, but only to people with EBT and Medicaid. You can sign up for the Discount if you have any of the two documents. 

Is Amazon Prime free for seniors?

No, Amazon Prime is not accessible for seniors. Indeed, the amount they have to pay is half of the actual amount. Amazon charges $5.99 to people with Amazon Senior Discount. 

How much is Amazon Prime for seniors with AARP?

Seniors with AARP have to pay half the amount for the actual amount. 


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