How Jennette McCurdy's iCarly Role Exacerbated Eating Disorder

Jennette McCurdy continues to share more details about her tumultuous childhood and the way iCarly impacted her health.

As scene-stealer Sam Puckett—first on iCarly and later the spin-off Sam & Cat—the actress was one of Nickelodeon's biggest stars.

But Jennette is now peeling back the curtain on what it's like to be a child star in the upcoming memoir I'm Glad My Mom Died

in which she writes about the toxic relationship she had with her late mother Debra McCurdy

who she says contributed to her problems, including her struggles with anorexia and bulimia.

As Jennette tells it, her eating disorders were exacerbated by her role as Sam, whose gimmick on the show was eating ridiculous amounts of food.

"It's tragically hilarious," she told The Washington Post in a profile published Aug. 5. "It made me so anxious because my character was constantly eating."

The former actress has worked hard to get where she is now, saying, "I'm in a good place, which is such a weird thing to say.

I feel more fulfilled than I ever have, and I wish it wasn't new, but it is very new for me."