'It's going to be weird': Yanks' Carpenter back in St. Louis

Cards legend returns to Busch Stadium for 1st time since playing 11 seasons with club

Matt Carpenter was trying his best to separate his emotions from the games to be played over the next three days

He was mostly succeeding until he was asked about his family’s excitement to be back in St. Louis -- the city where he enjoyed so much success over the first 11 years of his MLB career.

After telling a funny story about his 5-year-old son’s confusion about whether his dad is still a Cardinal or a Yankee,

Carpenter’s strong feelings for St. Louis overwhelmed his best efforts and he had to place his hand over his mouth to avoid more raw emotions oozing out his every pore.

Twice during his pregame media availability, Carpenter stopped mid-thought, tried swallowing that lump in his throat and composed himself to keep the tears welling in his eyes from streaming down his cheeks

Not only has he taken full advantage of Yankee Stadium’s short fence in right field

but he is again swinging with the swagger of a player who led the National League in doubles from 2013-18 (241), including a Cardinals record of 55 in '13.